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Hilo Hattie is the largest retail source for Hawaiian and Island Lifestyle products. Established in 1963, Hilo Hattie has grown to be one of the most recognized brands in Hawaii - a name you can trust. Tiki Steve is an authorized affiliate of Hilo Hattie and I'm very happy to list some of their items on my site.

Hilo Hattie made some changes recently that broke the links on these pages. I'm looking into getting them updated (12/17/2012). .

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Akua Ka'ai Tiki - 7" Dark
The Akua Ka'ai image was taken from a burial cave near Kawaihae, Hawaii. It is a 1/4 scale model of the original found in Kona and now at the Bishop Museum. This tiki is a typical Kona style Hawaiian carving. Approximately 7" tall.
'Aumakua Tiki - 7" Dark
The original tiki this is based on was made of dark wood with genuine human hair and a pearl shell in the left eye. It was thought that the sorcery kahuna (priest) could make the god send a bird to kill someone. It is a 1/2 scale model of the original. Approximately 7.5" tall.
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Club Tiki Absorbant Coasters- Set of 4 Four absorbant stone coasters with cork backs. These coasters are made of material that will absorb the moisture that drips from drinks. The cork back will protect furniture from scratches. Goddess Ceramic Tiki Mug
Tiki Mug stands 6 3/4" in height and holds approximately 12 oz.
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Happiness Tiki Bottle Opener- Dark
This tiki represents all tha is right with the world. Anyone who possesed this tiki was thought to have a great harmonious balance spiritually, mentally, and physically. Measures approximately 5.5" tall.
Ku Tiki - 8" Dark
Most famously known for being the god of strength. Ku often accompanied young warriors into battle. He was also the main idol displayed during competition to bring strength and courage to all whom participated.
Approximately 8" tall.

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