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Tiki Steve - My stay at the Dolphin Bay Hotel in Hilo, Hawaii (The Big Island) in January 2007. It's a very cool place. I fell asleep at night to the sound of the rain and coqui frogs. I found the sound of the coqui frogs to be soothing, like the sound of crickets.


Big Island Computer

hilo001 hilo002 hilo003 hilo004 hilo005
hilo001.jpg hilo002.jpg hilo003.jpg hilo004.jpg hilo005.jpg
hilo006 hilo008 hilo009 hilo010 hilo012
hilo006.jpg hilo008.jpg hilo009.jpg hilo010.jpg hilo012.jpg
hilo013 hilo014 hilo015 hilo016  
hilo013.jpg hilo014.jpg hilo015.jpg hilo016.jpg

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