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The Big Island of Hawai'i. The first few days of my attempt to move there in January, 2008.
Pictures from Kona, Hilo, and near South Point. Also pictures from the Hilo Seaside Hotel in Hilo. I like the Hilo Seaside Hotel. It's so nice to walk out the door and be right by the ocean. There are also pictures of fruit from Kona farmers markets.

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hawaii_near_south_point_01 hawaii_near_south_point_02 hawaii_near_south_point_03 hawaii_near_south_point_04 hawaii_near_south_point_05
hawaii_near_south_point_01.jpg hawaii_near_south_point_02.jpg hawaii_near_south_point_03.jpg hawaii_near_south_point_04.jpg hawaii_near_south_point_05.jpg
hawaii_near_south_point_06 hawaii_near_south_point_07 hilo_seaside_hotel_01 hilo_seaside_hotel_02 hilo_seaside_hotel_coffee
hawaii_near_south_point_06.jpg hawaii_near_south_point_07.jpg hilo_seaside_hotel_01.jpg hilo_seaside_hotel_02.jpg hilo_seaside_hotel_coffee.jpg
hilo_seaside_hotel_koi kona_avocado_pineapple_02 kona_avocado_pineapple_03 kona_avocado_pineapple_06 kona_gecko_01
hilo_seaside_hotel_koi.jpg kona_avocado_pineapple_02.jpg kona_avocado_pineapple_03.jpg kona_avocado_pineapple_06.jpg kona_gecko_01.jpg

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